Remember folks, no shame to losing a series to Damn Yankees, bring on the Rays!

The damn Yankees bested the Jays again.  Circle the days May 23 to May 25 because that’s when the Jays once again get to try to knock down the “evil empire”.  When that series comes, their will naturally will be questions but lets review the answers this past series gave us.

QUESTION: How do you get Encarnacion & Rivera in the lineup without killing the defense?

ANSWER: You late inning swap them with McCoy & Patterson.

NEW QUESTION FOR ANYBODY READING THISWhy would bench Patterson for the whole Yankee series after he went 7-16 in Texas?  The only comment I have is that he is being somewhat sacrificed to bring along David Cooper but seriously, why not ride a hot hand?

QUESTION: Can Rajai Davis, fresh off the DL, find his groove immediately?

ANSWER: Yip!!  4-11 2 walks, 5 Stolen Bases

QUESTION: Can Adam Lind stay hot?

ANSWER: Yip!! 5-11 HR 2 RBI

QUESTION: Who learned more, Drabek about the Yanks or the Yanks about Drabek?

ANSWER: In what will only make Drabek a better pitcher, the Yankees taught the young man a lesson.

See more positives than negatives!!

Digestable stats from the batters box:

a) Jays had 26 hits, 9 for extras THIS IS GOOD

b) Jays had 9 steals, caught twice, picked off once

c) Jays went 1-25 w/ RISP THIS IS VERY BAD

d) Jays coaxed 13 walks (one less than they surrendered) but whiffed 21 times

Digestable stats from the mound:

a) Jays starters line 14.1 IP 12 R 9 W 16 K

b) Jays bullpen line 10.2 IP 1 R 5 W 8 K JUST SHORT OF AMAZING

Swing factors going into Tampa Bay:


The Jays send the exact same three pitchers out to the mound this series as they did the first series facing Tampa. 

Reyes went 7IP giving up 4 runs, he only walked 1 batter while striking out 6.  Not an ace material outing but overall a good performance but he is coming off that terrible game in Texas.  The same question goes to Reyes that went to Drabek, did he learn more about the Rays or did the Rays learn more about him?

Morrow had his first start of the season versus the Rays and was dominant with 10K’s but had to pulled after only 5.1 IP.  Can he re-assert that dominance in Tropicana?

Romero had the definition of a hard luck loss.  7 IP only 2 runs against only 1 walk struck out 10 BUT lost 2-0.

Now for the best part the pitching matchups this week – –


No disrespect to Davis and Nieman but this Jays fan is smiling ear to ear that his team avoids two pitchers that flatly baffled them just 2 short weeks ago.


Last series vs Tampa Bay, the trio of Jose Bautista, Adam Lind and Edwin Encarnacion went 7-12. The REST of the team went 2-26

The evil stare is directed at Yunel Escobar (8-42 .190 the last 10 games), and JP Arencibia (8-38 .212 his last 10 games).

I am also hoping whoever dresses and plays second base can contribute more than the woeful 1 for 12 that position chipped in versus the Yankees.

A Jays sweep in this series would put the team in 2nd place!!

Yip, I went there!!


Bluejays bats come alive, regain 3rd place


People who follow my blog have read my frustration concerning both Mr. Lind and Mr. Rivera.  Ladies and gentleman it is NOT a coincidence that the Jays took a series from arguably one of top three teams in baseball when both these guys were swinging hot bats.

I never doubted the Jays pitching staff going up against the Hamilton-less Rangers but they did exceed my expectations.  Drabek finally pitched a game where he did not issue four walks, this is such a positive sign!!  Litsch going four strong innings after Texas put up a three spot in the second, speaks volumes to the heart & hustle in the young fellow. Morrow, I heart Morrow!!

 Reyes had a rough outing, inconsistency has always been his issue, with the aggressive player personnel moves shown thus far by Jays management, if Reyes has another bad outing next time out, is he going to Vegas too?

Speaking of Vegas, sadly in my last blog I predicted something that actually came through.  I wrote that if Travis Snider continued to struggle that he should QUOTE check Las Vegas weather reports to try to find your game END QUOTE I feel confident that once his Cito Gaston moustache grows in fully down in Vegas that he will be back with the Jays.  Good luck to a good guy (follow him on Twitter @LunchBoxHero45)

Digestable stat line from the batters box:

a) Jays had 42 hits, 12 for extras (.285)

b) Jays had one steal, Johnny Mac of all people, caught twice though (both Patterson)

c) Jays coaxed 19W  while whiffing 25 times

d) Jays went 10-30 w/RISP (.333) AWESOME

Digestable stat line from the mound:

a) Starters line – – 20.2 IP 14 R 6 W 10 K

b) Bullpen line – – 14.1 IP 2  R 4  W 7 K  AWESOME

c) two errors committed, sadly one by E5 again

Swing factors going into next series:

a) how does Farrell get Rivera‘s hot bat (7-14 @ Tex) and Encarnacion‘s bat (4-8 vs NYY earlier this season) in the same lineup without sacrificing team defense?

b) Rajai Davis needs to enjoy a triumphant return as his .156 batting average has to spike upwards otherwards I will again be beckoning the call up of Scotty Podsednik!  Did you know Davis is one of two ACTIVE Blue Jays players with more K’s than hits (Arencibia’s the other).

c) Adam Lind encore? He went 2 for 8 (.250) versus the Yankees but is coming off a 7 for 17 (.412) series in Texas.  Is asking for .300 batting average this weekend too much??

d) Pitching…remember, the last time we saw Brett Cecil, it was these Yankees that printed his ticket to Vegas. Obviously Ricky Romero is going nowhere BUT

It will be interesting to see who learned more – Drabek about the Yankees or the Yankees about Drabek. Last time out versus the Yankees, Drabek went 5.1 IP giving up 4W and 4 runs.  Then of course there is the inconsistent enigma that is Jesse Litsch. Can he put together a 2nd straight 6 IP 3 runs 2 walk outing against a powerhouse team?

If the  Jays win the first two games of the series they will finish April above .500!

Sore legs, quiet bats, 4th place(barely)


As for the rest of the Jays, the pitching staff actually outpitched the Tampa pitching staff, this series lost falls squarely on every Blue Jay bat not swung by the aforementioned Bautista.

Going into this series I called out the following Blue Jays bats:

Adamon pace for 8 HR’s” Lind: He finished the series 3-13 with doubles and 3 RBI.  Totally respectable if your name was Travis Snider.  Speaking of…

Travis Snider, the hope was that he would raise his average from .175 to .200.  He finished the series 1-9 with his season average dipping to .167 (heck Rivera went 3-12 in the series). How far away is Sotty Podsednik?

Corey, can we please play the Mariners again, Patterson went an uninspiring 1-13.  I repeat, how far away is Scotty Podsednik??

John MacDonald, huge walk off homerun, sure that’s shiny but 2-13 in a series just won’t cut it.

Edwin Encarnacion, 2-5 with two doubles, yeah baby.  Is his wrist going to let him play versus Texas?

Digestable stat line from the batters box:

a) Jays had 22 hits 11 for extra bases (.500) *this stat is bolstered by an AMAZING first game of the series which the Jays had 7 of 9 hits for extra’s*

b) Jays attempted no stolen bases (first time this season)

c) Jays coaxed 9 walks with 20 whiffs (Tampa batters whiffed 34 times)

d) Jays went 6-24 with RISP (.250)

Digestable stat line from the mound:

a) Jays starters line: 19.1 IP 9 R 4 W 26 K

b) Jays bullpen line: 9.2 IP 3 R 2 W 8 K

*the walk total is the lowest of the season*

The Swing factor for the upcoming series:

Did you know the Rangers pitching staff have numbers eerily similiar to the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rangers have issued exactly 4 more walks and 5 more strikeout than TB while sporting an ERA 0.09 and WHIP 0.03 higher than TB.  Hey, we all saw what TB did to Jays bats not named Bautista.

So the swing factor in this series will once again the Jays bats coming to life.

Yunel “Phantom” Escobar and Corey Patterson combined to go 2-26 at the top of the order versus Tampa.  Luckily, since Escobar has come back from his injury he seems to alternate good and not so good series’ at the box ( 4-11, 2-16, 3-11, 1-13) so he’s due up for a good series.

Adam Lind NEEDS to find his power stroke. Espically if Edwin Encarnacion is unable to play!!

Travis Snider, if your average is lower than its current .167 at the end of the series, I would hope you are checking Las Vegas weather reports to try your find your game. 

I know the Rangers are tied for most runs in the AL, I’m not suggesting the Jays try to outduel them, I’m merely expressing the confidence in our pitching staff than they can do enough to make this games winnable. Fact is, you are not going to win games with no runs scored!

Yankees Split,”Devil” Rays Visiting for Easter

The last words of my previous blog, based on the notion the Jays pitching would limit walks and HR’s, were “Jays Sweep”.  Well, I was half right as the Jays did manage 1 of 2 versus the Yankees.  

Drabek‘s start featured 2 walks which would end up scoring and a 2 run HR.  Drabek would finish with 4 walks and while still getting comfy on the bench would watch Frasor give up another HR.  Jon Rauch made the 10th inning more interesting than he needed to by issuing 2 walks but got through the inning allowing the walk off double in the bottom of the 10th.

Cecil‘s start was a typical Cecil start.  First 2 IP, 3 hits, 3 walks, 3 runs. SHAKY Last 3 IP 3 hits, 2 walks, 2 runs (both sacrifice flys) PROMISING  The bullpen would come in and be lights out minus the 1 HR ball.

Very glad the Jays will have Morrow back for the upcoming series, I just wonder if there was a way to commence Cecil’s starts in the 3rd inning??

Important numbers to digest from the past series from the batters box:

a) Jays had 20 hits, 8 extra (WHICH IS 3 MORE THAN THEY HAD IN 4 GAMES AT FENWAY)

b) Jays went 2 for 2 basestealing

c) Jays coaxed 11 W, Jays wiffed 19 times

d)the Jays went 6-21 w/RISP (.285)

Important numbers to digest from the past series from the mound:

a) Jays Starters line: 10.1 IP 9 R 8 W 6 K

b) Jays Bullpen line: 8.2 IP 2 R 4 W 5 K

c) the team’s defense committed no errors!!

Swing factor for upcoming series:

You know how I said for the Yankees the basic mentality of “simply score more runs than the them to win” doesn’t apply.  Well, the Rays aren’t the Yankees, the swing factor this series will be the Jays offense living up to some of their hype.

Edwin Encarnacion has rightfully been named the starting DH.  The .288 average looks good, please hit a HR or two this weekend.

Adam Lind, I am more than willing not to mention your batting average and ignore the fact you have not hit a homerun since opening day, if you were to hit a HR or two this weekend.

Travis Snider sir, please finish this weekend batting over .200 (currently .175)

Corey Patterson, visualize if you will, all the Rays players wearing Mariner uniforms, now ATTACK

The Rays have surrendered the 2nd fewest walks in the AL, so if the Jays are forced to play without Aaron Hill, then someone toss an extra batting practice session with both Jayson Nix and John MacDonald as doubles would go a loooong way to help the Jays this weekend.

Can you tell I’m a little worried about facing the team with the 3rd best ERA and WHIP in the AL? 

Here’s another reason to worry about the Rays, while they rank 11th in the AL in hits, they actually have more doubles than the Blue Jays and are tied in triples and homeruns with the Blue Jays.

This weekend could be a coming out party for the Jays, of course, this weekend may also wind up with the Jays last place. 

Here’s hoping the only eggs delivered this weekend are by the Easter Bunny!!

Despite rough weekend, Jays tied for 2nd in AL East

It would be sooo easy to fill a page with negative thoughts and worrisome questions.  It is also just as easy to find positives in the big picture.  One such positive is mentioned in today’s title, the Jays stand tied for 2nd in the AL East with Tampa Bay (whom we play this upcoming weekend) sitting 3 games behind 1st place New York (whom, of course, we are currently playing a two game series against)

Going back to the small picture, for the past series I mentioned the “swing factor” would be how 3 struggling bats per team did in comparison to each other.  The Red Sox trio of Crawford, Ellsbury & Youkilis went 8-41 5 HR 10 RBI while the Jays trio of Lind, Hill, Rivera went 8-33 0 HR 2 RBI.  If that one stat line isn’t enough to tell you who won the series, you must be new to baseball.

Folks are entitled to mumble and mutter a bit about Juan Rivera hitting .103, Travis Snider at .151, Adam Lind at .230, Aaron Hill at .233 but I for one am happy that a certain struggling player is avoiding the Canadian media spotlight.

 Vernon, poster boy for unfairly criticized because of a fat contract, Wells is off to a stumbling .169 batting average with only 2 RBI thus far on the season.  I’m sure the Anaheim media is treating Vernon much better than the Canadian media would have been treating him if he were still a Jay.

Important numbers to digest from this series from the plate:

a) The Jays had 22 hits, 5 for extra bases (.227) CAN U BELIEVE THE STAT LINE IS FOR 4 GAMES 

b) the Jays had 9 SB, caught 3 times, committed 4 errors (all by different players)

c) the Jays coaxed 16 walks but struck out 27 times

d) the Jays went 5-14 (.357) with RISP in game 1, 1-12 (.083) the rest of the series

Important numbers to digest from this series from the mound:

a) Jays starters line 19.1 IP 18R 15W 17k

b) Jays bullpen line 13.2 IP 9R 7W 12K

As Jose Bautista put so eloquently on Twitter (@JoeyBats19): “Tough road trip, page is turned.  Focused on upcoming games

Swing factor for upcoming series:

I know the point of baseball is too score more runs than your opponent but that is not how you want to approach a series versus the New York Yankees.

The swing factor here is PITCHING.

The Jays pitching staff sport a 3.87 ERA while the Yankees pitching staff sport a 4.57 ERA.  If this one simple stat holds true over the next two days, that likely means the Jays have swept the Yankees.

The achilles heel of the Jays pitching staff has been the walk(most in AL).  The Jays staff will also need to keep the ball in Rogers Centre as the Yanks lead the AL in HR’s.

The Yankees pitching staff give up the 4th highest ratio of hits per inning played so the Jays should have plenty of opportunity to continue to hone their basepath hijinx. Now IF the Jays can hit somewhere between .250 and .300 with RISP then I have one bold’ish prediction.

I’m calling a sweep, GO JAYS!

Jays at .500 avoiding sweep @ Seattle; ahead of MY expectations

It is soo easy to get caught up in day-to-day business that sometimes the big picture loses focus.  These first 12 games were nothing more than a mere extension of the exhibition season ALL in preparation for the last two weeks of April, NOW THE REAL FUN STARTS!

In the next calendar month the Jays play Boston 6 times, NYY 5 times, TB 6 times with 4 game series against both Texas & Detriot sprinkled in for some extra flavour.  If the Jays are still .500 a month from now, then friends we have something REAL GOOD happening here. (For the record I predicted the Jays to be 4-8 heading into this stretch and .500 coming out of it.)

Back to the day to day stuff we get caught up in, did you know the Jays pitching staff leads the American League in strikeouts?  Did you know that before the 7 walk bullpen debacle on Monday the Jays pitching staff were bottom third in the AL in walks issued but now sit 2nd overall in the American League?

The only thing the needs to be mentioned further about the debacle on Monday, I firmly believe it was a blip on the radar.  It happens to other teams to, case in point, glance at the box score from the 8-3 Jays win on Wednesday.  One has to love the aggression on apart of the Jays management as they shuffled the bullpen cards a bit by DFA’ing Purcey soon after that game in what I figure was a move to show fans, failure is NOT an option. LOVE IT!

Before my stat wrap, HUGE PROPS TO ROMERO! With the team desparate for a long outing from their starter Romero goes the complete game.  The reason this is soo impressive to me, after allowing 3 runs in the third inning, he goes into BEASTMODE and retires the next 14 batters.

Important numbers to digest from this past series from the batters box:

a) Jays had 33 hits, 10 of them for extra bases (.303)

b) Jays drew 9 walks (season stat: Jays have drawn 5th most in AL) and

struck out 27 times (season stat: Jays have 4th most in AL)

c) Jays went 10-29 w/RISP (.345)

d) Jays stole 4, got caught once, committed 3 errors (2 by E5 Nix), 1 SF and 1 OF Assist

Important numbers to digest from this past series from the mound:

a) Jays starters line: 13.2 IP 5R 10W 17K

b) Jays ‘pen line: 7IP 9R 9W 6K

Swing factor for series in Boston:


The Red Sox slow start can be partially attributed to the following threesome: Crawford (.152) Ellsbury (.189) & Youkilis (.182)

If the Jays are to keep the Sox down, then our slumping threesome has to outperform them: Lind (.250) Hill (.170) Rivera (.121)


Divine Intervention leads Angels to 2-1 series win over Jays

OK maybe it wasn’t all divine intervention, some of it was a heavenly performance by Jered Weaver.

Going into the series I called the pitching a draw and put the “swing factor” on the combined performance of the teams OF/DH spots. While the Jays went 8-50 (.160) with 3 RBI and no extra base hits, the Angels went 13-49 (.265) with 6 RBI and 2 extra base hits.  Looking just at that stat line, the loyalist of Jays fans needs to concede victory.

But jeebers there were a lot of “divine intervention” like occurences. Joseturn the damn lights offBautista easily wins the OF that struggled the most in the outfield but EVERYBODY in the OF took a turn getting charged with an error. Has that EVER happened before in a series??

Then of course their was the phantom interference call on Yunel Escobar…what was he suppose to do – stop, drop & roll??  Regardless, the one good thing about the call is the man with the first name of a hundred pronounciations now has a nickname.  For the rest of the season, I will be calling him Phantom Escobar.

On the topic of infielders, I know I only refer to him by the somewhat negative nickname E5 but lets not bury the guy just yet.  Credit where it’s due, Johnny Mac has looked game in his spot duty but I am sure he would tell you himself he is a defensive specialist.  The Jays need E5’s bat and as cold as his bat and his fielding have been, he is still outhitting his DH platoon partner in Rivera.  As for Nix, the guy has had some clutch hits to endure himself to his new fans but I’d still rather have Johnny Mac on the field.

Important numbers to digest from this past series from the batters box:

a) Jays had 24 hits, 6 of them for extra bases (.250)

b) Jays drew 14 walks while striking out 31 times (exactly the amount of times they struck out the first two series COMBINED)

c) Jays went 6-35 with RISP (.171) (the 3-23 in game two of the series alone matched the opportunities with RISP in either of the first two series)

d) Jays stole 3 bases, caught once, picked off 3 times(baustista twice), 4 errors, 2 OF assists

Important numbers to digest from this past series from the mound:

a) The starter’s final line – 18IP 10R 6W 14K

b) The bullpen’s final line – 12.2IP 1R 6W 13K (JUST SHORT OF AMAZING)

Swing factor for upcoming series in Seattle:


Comparing hitting stats between the Jays and Mariners will fool you into thinking this is an “in the bag” sweep for the Jays.  Don’t be soo quick to grab the brooms.

Jesse Litsch, known for his hot and cold play, is coming off a hot start and is pitching versus King Felix.  Then game 2 has Seattle’s version of Drabek in Pineda taking the mound versus Romero.  My fear here is not Romero, it’s Pineda.  Then game 3 features the aforementioned Drabek as he tries to find the happy medium between dominance and mental anxiety. 

Last word, the Jays are in 3rd, just as originally predicted!!